Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Trophies, Bouquets, Special Projects; what a week!

Just a quick update; as this is the 3rd night in a row I've been up till after 1 am, lol :)
I've been working on a super-secret special project that I'm really excited about: but I can't share just yet...lets just say it involves blue lights, metal (of course), some long hours, & some crazy creative ideas & collaborations.  All the details & pics next week ; )
For now; a look at the trophies we just shipped out; over 50 to a global development & real-estate company; this is the 2nd year they have had me make their awards for just one of the divisions of the company.
Love the way these came out; they are made from aluminum, the larger awards have a panel of rainbow colored steel; very pretty.  I like the simple, classy feel of these trophies.  I'm hoping they like them as much as I do ; )
Loving the contrast of the colored steel against the polished aluminum; the color is really vibrant in real life. 

More updates to come; can't wait to share pics of my super secret special project!


Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Comedy for a Cure Award

I was commissioned by Comedy 4a Cure to create a very special award for one of the top supporters of the event; we delivered the finished piece this afternoon & it was presented at the big event this evening : )
It's funny; the recipient of the award has actually talked to me about commisioning custom awards for his own company;  so I really hope he likes the design I came up with for his award :)

The main structural components were made from polished aluminum, with a layer of steel--treated with a rainbow effect, & then topped with custom engraved acrylic.  I am loving the final look; I could not be happier with the way the rainbow effect came out (it's a bit of a gamble; as it reacts with the metal however it wants...) 

The color came out beautifully, & I'm happy with the overall look of the award; I was nervous that the wings would over-power the whole award, but I think they came out just right

We have lots of trophies in the works; more on that later & lots of metal wedding bouquets to make this weekend.  OMG: so busy all of a sudden; it's great, but a bit stressful at the same time, lol. 

Looking forward to a new big machine in the shop; should speed up the trophy making & other projects as well!  So excited---the shop is in chaos right now; making room for it, but it will be worth it : )

Loving the fall weather; today I worked in the shop with both big doors open; the ducks came & visited, but I had to chase the chickens & geese out--they want to be inside & get in the way, lol :)

This is going to be working weekend; we have so many orders that I'm afraid we won't be able to keep up!  But that's a good problem, right?  That's what I keep hearing anyway, lol : ) 

Happy Autumn!
More updates to come; some big news!!


Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Hacker Trophies

I was commissioned by MIT to come up with some trophies for a Hacker Tournament taking place in October....very cool : )
The theme for the tournament was "grungy industrial" & this is what we came up with :)   The base of the trophies is based on the glider emblem; with the circles cut from different layers of metal; depending on the award; the 1st place being the most intricate, 2nd a bit simpler, etc....

We used the tournament logo on the plaques & incorporated the colors of the logo in the colored window; it's actually a piece of  polished aluminum with transparent auto paint layered over to mimic the gradient color in the MIT Hack logo.  Love the contrast against the rusty steel!

 I hope they like them as much as I do!
Loving the color contrast with the blue/green :)


Kamis, 26 September 2013

Custom Metal Trophies: lots of orders!

Wow!  I have had a lot of orders come in for custom trophies the last couple weeks.  We just finished up "round one" & have lots more to go--not complaining; trophies are a lot of fun & each project is unique; I love being able to create something spectacular for special events.
This set of three was shipped out today; going all the way to Nantucket Island!  Made from steel, copper, & aluminum; we did a wave pattern on top with a rainbow finish to the metal, along with the custom engraved copper plaques.  Love how these came out :)

 Also shipped out this week; custom motorcycle awards : )  We did a stylized sprocket design with custom engraved acrylic plaques.  The 2 larger trophies got a base made out of recycled pieces & parts, including gears, bearings, pistons, & more.... I think these are really cool: they will be presented next week to the top rider/motorcycle/motorcycle design of the year; I hope they like them!

On the list for the next few weeks; Strongman/Women awards going to Peru, a big order for a commercial development company,  possibly some robot trophies, & a horror film festival.

Plus, Comedy for a Cure; here is Boise.  I can't give details yet, but will be making something really special!

To see more of my custom trophy designs, visit my Etsy shop at:

And please follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn to see project photos, chicken updates, & more : )


Rabu, 25 September 2013

Wedding Photo Shoot; Metal Bouquet & Centerpiece by Refinerii

I recently received a custom request on my Etsy shop for a 2 foot tall wedding bouquet...  At first, I was thinking: 'this must be for a drag queen or something like that--(awesome!)  Come to find out; still awesome; it was for a photo shoot & they wanted a bouquet-like piece for a table centerpiece...
I just got some of the pics & wanted to share : )  I made the metal centerpiece & the bridal bouquet; just the metal frame; if this was my project: I would have added tons more bling; but that's just me.  I still think both pieces look great in the photos : )
The centerpiece was about 22 inches tall; I had to make a base twice as big as I normally make for bouquets, lol---but I think it really looks nice : )
The bridal bouquet looks  lovely; a nice alternative to flowers, while still remaining feminine, elegant, & sophisticated : )
I think I'm going to have to add the centerpiece option to my Etsy shop; what a nice way to tie everything together :)


Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Curb A'Faire Trophy-done & delivered!

Finished up the trophy & delivered it just in time for the festival today :)
Complete with rhinestones, feathers, & custom graphic; I think this one turned out really well--definitely a bit different than trophies I have been making, lol, but I had a lot of fun with it.  I really enjoyed adding in some more whimsical elements to the design.
 I even did the graphic design work: I think it came out pretty nice : ) Actually getting the sticker onto the trophy was a challenge, but we made it work ; )
 From the base to the top; there is an old wheel, the top of an aluminum bottle, bronze faucet thingy, part of a chicken feeder decorated with keys, a silver bowl, & an aluminum gear-ish cup thing.  Copper pipe & hardware for the handles, & of course the feathers :)  


Rabu, 11 September 2013

Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy in Progress---chicken approved

This is what happens when I have the shop door open...there is also a cat in the corner, lol

Anyway; working on the trophy for this weekend's Hyde Park Curb A'Faire event; the first annual: taking place in conjunction with the long-running Hyde Park Street Fair.  The Curb A'Faire will be a showcase of performing arts & will include a chalk art contents on Sunday.
I'm really having fun with this one; going very whimsical & using all kinds of "junky treasures" in the design.  And I'm not even close to being finished: there will be colorful graphics, sparkle, feathers, & more; hopefully capturing the spirit of eclectic whimsy that is the Hyde Park Street Fair.

Chicken-Bird certainly approves, so I must be on the right track ; )

I'll be delivering the finished piece Friday or Saturday; stay tuned for the finished pics!